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Okumura music is on No More Heroes 3 Game Soundtrack

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2021 Interviews 

Interview Okumura the guys behind ITADAKIMASU, the Sushi Shop song featured in No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 : Nous avons posé trois questions à Dj Meebee, Tony Astro et Okumura !

Tony Astro: Of course I play video games! For as long as I can remember, it seems to me to have started with the gameboy. Otherwise, overall, the games I particularly like are: No More Heroes, Ridge Racer Type 4, Metal gear Solid 2, Metal gear Rising, Museca, Groove Coaster and Sonic Robo Blast 2 kart when I'm with my friends. I will be able to continue like this indefinitely as the games that are close to my heart are numerous!

Okumura: (mystic elder maikis… & MASTER) We are clearly influenced by life in general. Everything around us is reflected in our songs, hence the amount of references to nerd culture. For "ITADAKIMASU", the only instruction given by MEEBEE was to let go as much as possible and follow our ideas through. In other words, we didn't need more to perform without batting an eyelid.

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