Near Zen/mystic elder maikis... 

Not really too much to say about Near Zen... He's just a regular guy who wants a peaceful life surrounded by positive people... Well, he's a hip hop artist in a group called Earthbound Rejects, which explains why writing comes so naturally to him... And he watches a little more than too much anime, hence his love for suspense and mystery...

Twitter: @RPCFPOkumura/@researchyasufe
TV Project (Soundtrack):
Published Author: DCTP-MW | Margaret



Sam Rhett/MASTER

( Totally not Master or anything ), "is an Otaku" seeking to dive into the art of literature. Captivated by the horrific, the thrilling, and the suspenseful, he takes after Margaret Writes in pursuit of creating enthralling tales. Not much else is known of the young man aside from his obsession with roleplaying and his passion for music. We hope to see great things from Sam Rhett as he continues to follow his dreams.

Twitter: @RPCFPOkumura
TV Project (Soundtrack):
Published Author: DCTP-MW | Margaret




A character all on his own, Avery Buchanan (aka LuxxRyder) is a one of a kind racing junkie, combat sports fanatic, and aspiring Twitch streamer. Known as the hyper energy of the inner village, Luxx is responsible for ensuring everyone is hype when experiencing anything okumura related; performances wouldn't quite be the same without him.




There is not much to say about Shadowbyrd.  He is your everyday typical guy trying to find his way in life. He passes time by playing video games and making beats. In fact, he has been making beats since 2011. His sounds range from modern trap to 90s boom bap; even sprinkle in some EDM in there from time to time. He honestly makes whatever he feels like making, so if it sounds good to him, he will create it. He tends to make upbeat beats frequently, yet he is a calm and  quiet individual