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An album taken down in the past due to sample clearance issues. We took time and care to make sure everything was in order this time around so the fans can enjoy this album once again. Thank you everyone who has supported and continues to support us through all of these trying times. Stay positive and drink plenty of water <3


released November 4, 2022

1. Stairs To Success
2. Upper Middle Class Neighborhood
3. Beacon Call (prod. MEEBEE a.k.a. KAZUHIRO ABO)
4. Lonely (prod. ThatBoiVon)
5. Pre-Evolution (prod. MEEBEE a.k.a. KAZUHIRO ABO)
6. Pulled Off (prod. Javonte)
7. Songtime
8. Asteroid

9. Dimensions

Nigiri: Remastered (Album)

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