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This is us re-calibrating as a group, to really restructure what our direction is with this music shit. We created this project to express to you all where our mind has been as of late, as well as giving us a way to reflect on things in the future.

Stay positive and drink plenty of water.


released August 4, 2023

YOU and your support played a huge part into the creation of this album.
Thank you to MEEBEE a.k.a. KAZUHIRO ABO & Raisi K. the Raisin Man for your input on this project.

1. Sauce
2. Still Grindin'
3. Early In The Morning (prod. MEEBEE x Shadowbyrd)
4. I Know
5. Shadowbyrd In '23
7. For The Dollar Bills
8. Basic Human Rights
9. UFO In The Sky (prod. MEEBEE a.k.a. KAZUHIRO ABO)
[BONUS] Beans & Franks (prod. MEEBEE a.k.a. KAZUHIRO ABO)

Preparing For Takeoff (Album)

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